This domain is being held for Greg Graffin.

Hello, my name is Steve Marsh and rather than see the url go to some random squatter I decided to buy the domain and hold onto it until Greg of Bad Religion gets around to wanting to do something with it! And before you ask, No, I won't be charging him for it.

Update 3: A new person from Harper Collins emailed me to ask for the domain name to promote the paperback version of Greg's book. Perfect. I once again asked for proof that Greg indeed does want the domain name. Never heard back. Needless to say that if Harper Collins asks me for the domain name a third time I will remain more skeptical than ever. The point of holding the domain name is that Greg will benefit from it now AND in the future. Just handing it over to a 3rd party without Greg's consent is something I will not do.

Update 2: Still holding strong here. I did get an email from Harper Collins saying that they wanted to use to promote Greg's new book Anarchy Evolution (my wife bought it on her kindle). I thought great! I asked for a bit of proof that this was legit before signing it over but never heard back. So that fell through.

Update: Thanks for all the kind words folks, well mostly anyway. I decided to post a bunch of them in the sidebar. Praise, hate, criticism, strange, funny. It's all appreciated. Please note that using the form below does not guarantee you'll make it into the sidebar. ;)

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I have to wonder if Dr.Graffin is smiling to himself at the thought that while you are "not doing anything with this site" it has in fact taken on a life of its own. You have unwillingly created a hub for BR fans and people that appreciate Greg's work. Good Job, and keep up the good, work/anti-work

Steve's Note: Kind of strange how that happened, but in a good way.

Hello. I am in complete awe. I am a person, lacking in what you might call, "education", that has always thought outside the fabled "box". I missed it. How in the hell did I miss it? Born in 1977 and considered to be a "punk" by all of my hippie friends, how did I miss it? I love it. I dropped out of high school at seventeen years of age. The American "standard" of "education" was not built for me, I suppose. I just cannot fathom how I missed it. Every thought and every feeling that I had on my own has already been expressed by this man and his band of multiple musicians. I just wanted to thank you, even if others have not, for reserving this domain name. You have beaten me to the punch, as it seems everyone else has in my life, and sir......I commend you.


I think this is bitchin Steve. I also have been greatly influenced by the lyrics and thoughts of Greg. I have always found them empowering, uplifting and overall comforting.

Steve's Note: Thanks man. As have I.

Hey Steve , I've been a BR fan since '94 when i first heard them and i've been there for 8 studio album releases. To me that's being really spoiled cause there's nothing better than the anticipation of fresh new BR on your ears. Honestly i don't usually like the albums on first few listens. I say this SUCKS. Then on the 3rd or 4th times i'll start hearing something i like in there , then it will just spread until i'm in love with the record. Weird i know? But i've been through it so many times that's just how it works with me and BR. Kind of fun actually. Unique. Well im really writing this to portray my feelings to GG on his new album. You know i think a lot of people may not get this album? But i get it and it evokes Deep feelings like none of there other works. So here's the real message. Greg Graffin , THANK YOU for all of this. I feel i owe you so much more than the $$ i spend on your albums. Way more , and this is the only way i know of of telling you how appreciated your music is in my life. You are truly a gift. tDoM is AMAZING and i love the direction your going. Keep going.

Steve's Note: I know exactly what you mean.

Some may see this as a good deed. I see otherwise; a very clever attempt to meet Greg himself. I commend your slick maneuver yet strangely dislike you for taking my idea before I thought of it! =)

Steve's Note: Awesome and funny. My favourite post.

im just a girl who feels electrically charged when i listen to br and the lyrics specially known to greg graffin.....its just good....and i hope he takes over this website so i can learn more things from him and just type his name in to find it


Cool. Hopefully he will want to do something with it soon and contact you about it. How long have you been holding this for him so far and how long do you plan to do so?

Steve's Note: I've had it a couple years now, and plan on doing it till he wants it.

at least do a little something with the site while you still have it

Steve's Note: You're right. Which is why I added the links to Greg's other web stuff. Thanks ED.

Way to glorify yourself using someone else's name

Steve's Note: While that is a side effect, I was hoping the human touch would convey that I was sincere in my actions.

God job on grabbing the site Greg. Keep it away from domain squatting bastards. Nice Beer...Grolsch is the greatest beer in the world!

Steve's Note: It is a tasty tasty beer.

I'm almost 30 now. I've listened to Bad Religion sine I was 8 or 9. I wish I could find an e-mail for Greg Graffin and the rest of the band for what I've taken from them. I remember, when I was first introduced to Bad Religion, a friend said, grab a dictionary. To this day, I keep one handy for their/his (when solo) songs. Bad religion and Graffin offer so much in the music, but if anything, they seem to insist that knowledge is key. I've always expected to learn from the work of Graffin and/or Bad Religion. I'm proud to say Graffin and Bad Religion helped make me who I am by having me question the world, think for myself and have the diction to voice my views.

Steve's Note: You said it brother.

Hey man - good idea, but I know Greg and he's told me that he would never name a URL after his own name.

Steve's Note: This makes me quite sad if true. And he's already doing it technically with his myspace account.

Aren't you the random squatter? :)

Steve's Note: Well in a way, yes, but I won't charge him money so by definition, no. :)

That's awesome that your holding this site for him! I applaud you as well! I actually met Greg Graffin a few nights ago when Bad Religion played at House of Blues in San Diego and he's a really chill guy!!! Look forward to seeing whats done with this site!

Steve's Note: Thanks for the kind words.

way to fight the good fight!

Steve's Note: I hate those link factory squatter sites, didn't want to see the domain name fall prey to that.

I was hoping to find some tour dates here, but found this surprise instead. Cheers for doing a good deed.


That was a great thing to do! I hope he will do something white it sone and im sure of that his new album is going to be great as everything else he has done so fare. Pardon my spelling, im from sweden. See ya


You've renewed my faith in mankind.

Steve's Note: I feel I owe him more than this little website could ever pay back in return.

where i cant buy youre album

Steve's Note: Funny :)

What does this have to do with greg graffin?

Steve's Note: Nothing much, yet.

You are a great person for not cyber squatting. Damn, I am suddenly craving a beer.

Steve's Note: Thanks Nate, sometimes I feel like the bad guy doing this though for some odd reason.

I was listening to your cd on myspace and I want to tell that it is awesome. It is very different from you usual music of Bad Religion but it still kicks ass.

Steve's Note: Funny :)

Cool thing you're doing here! I'm driving from the Twin Cities to Chicago to go see him July 19th 2006 to go see him play a show for "Cold as the Clay". Good site man, Keep it up


You suck. If you want him to have it why don't you just give it to him so we can all forget about you.

Steve's Note: I don't know him personally, so how can I just give it to him?

could you please give me gregs e-mail?

Steve's Note: Funny :)

sweet coffin full of beer! no, really, that's pretty hot. Good man, holding on to the url for mr. graffin. cheers!

Steve's Note: The coffin is actually from a little restaurant in Florida called Mr.Bones BBQ on Anna Maria Island.

mr graffin...sir...fuck it with all the shit like that. I seen you guys live. I loved your music for so long. Don't you think it is time to amalgamate your melodic driven songs to your old school shit. you almost had it with american jesus. i want to conquer the world was decent but sort of, like, solo driven. eep fuckin the good fuck and fight the good fight do what you need cause that is what you want. maybe me and my band will open up for you guys in concert someday

do it all
Steve's Note: Funny :)